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Founded in 2017, SUSS Invest is the first and only community in SUSS that caters to students with a keen interest in finance and investments.  

We aim to impart financial and investment knowledge, facilitate exchange of ideas, and provide professional development opportunities to all students dedicated to pursuing a career in finance. 

SUSS Emerges as National Champions in
CFA Research Challenge 2024

In the 2024 iteration of the Challenge, SUSS Investment Group sent out 1 team, Cook Capital to compete at the Chartered Financial Analyst Research Challenge 2024, organized by CFA to represent SUSS at the competition. In preparation for the competition, the team worked tirelessly against the clock to edge out the competing teams from NUS, SMU, NTU and SIM.  

Our Analysts were able to clinch Champions in the final round of the challenge with their determination and and teamwork  to present a well- substantiated narrative and strong technical abilities in their presentations to the distinguished panel of judges. 


SUSS SIG Team - Giovanna Lim, Marcus Kiang, Tan Wei Liang Samuel, Joseph Lim Hin Kit


SUSS SIG Team - Joseph Lim Hin Kit,  Giovanna Lim, Tan Wei Liang Samuel, Marcus Kiang

Our Values


We encourage and groom all members to become investment professionals


We uphold integrity, exercise diligence, and maintain objectivity in our research and publications.


We strive for professional excellence with a positive learning attitude and dedication to our work.

What We Do

We provide a conducive learning environment for our members to develop and hone their knowledge and skills in finance and investments. We also provide our members with the ability to gain insights into the finance industry through close interactions and partnerships with industry professionals and our diverse network of alumni.  

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Internal Presentation Day

SUSS Invest's Presentation Day is a bi-annual event that occurs at the end of every semester where our analysts are expected to pitch to our faculty advisors, industry practitioners, and alumni. Analysts from the Equity Research team will present a buy or sell call on a stock, while analysts from the Global Macro Research team will present fund recommendations based on the current global macroeconomic outlook. 

Portfolio Management Challenge

In collaboration with Futu SG, our Portfolio Management Challenge is an annual competition that aims to provide students with the chance to challenge themselves and experience what it is like to manage a professional portfolio. Participants will be exposed to the world of Portfolio Management and build the necessary skills required for different finance-related careers.  



General Members

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